How To Speak Fandom

It occurs to me that I’ve used some jargon that someone who doesn’t spend half their life on Tumblr might not understand. So here’s a quick manual to knowing the lingo of fandom and fan fiction.

  • Ship – (can be a verb or noun, depending on the context) derived from the word “relationship”. To ship two people is to believe that they should be in a relationship.
    • I ship Mulder and Scully so much. Mulder/Scully is my ship.
  • Pairing – a synonym for ship.
    • The pairing of the Joker and Harley Quinn is problematic.
  • OTP – “One True Pairing”; two characters you ship so hard, you could never see either party with anyone else.
    • The Doctor and Rose Tyler are the OTP of many fans of Doctor Who.
  • BroTP – two characters you ship, but only in a platonic sense (brotherly love).
    • A lot people think Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper should date, but I just see them as good friends. They’re my broTP.
  • NoTP – two characters you are very against being together.
    • Wincest is my noTP, because Dean and Sam are brothers.
  • OT3three characters you ship together (yay polyamory).
    • Kirk/Spock/McCoy is an OT3 for some Star Trek fans.
  • OC – “Original Character”.
    • For my Walking Dead fan fiction, I created an OC who dates Daryl, but then gets turned into a walker.
  • OOC – “Out Of Character”.
    • It was so OOC for Superman to kill Zod in Man Of Steel.
  • Canon – recognized or established by the source material.
    • The Star Wars expanded universe is supposed to be canon, but has some continuity issues with The Force Awakens.
  • Headcanon – a personal theory by a fan, not necessarily canon, but could be supported by the canon.
    • I have a headcanon that Harry Potter is bisexual.
  • Fanon – a fan theory that is accepted by pretty much the entire fandom, even though it’s not actually canon.
    • Will Graham from NBC Hannibal is probably on the autism spectrum, but it’s never really been confirmed by the writers. It’s mostly fanon.
  • Slash – fan fiction that is romantic or sexual in nature and focuses on the relationship between two men. This term arose in the 1970s when many viewers of Star Trek believed Captain Kirk and Spock were actually in love, and began to share their Kirk/Spock (Kirk slash Spock) fan works. The term slash later became a general term for works about men in amorous situations with each other, even though the “/” is now used to denote gay, lesbian, and heterosexual pairings alike.
    • I was reading a fan fiction about Captain America and Bucky Barnes last night. It was very slashy.
  • Femslash – the same as slash, but with female/female pairings instead. The first significant femslash pairing was Xena/Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess.
    • I wish there were more Swan Queen fan fictions to read. Everyone seems focused on Captain Swan and Rumbelle. Femslash is such a small community.
  • RPF – “Real Person Fiction”. Writing about real life people, namely celebrities, and sometimes shipping them with other real people.
    • There is a surprising amount of RPF about the members of One Direction.

Proof That The Master Is In Love With The Doctor

Today, I want to talk about my OTP, the Doctor and the Master from Doctor Who. People say I’m crazy for shipping them, but I have solid evidence that the Master is in love with the Doctor.

1. This mother duck has spent all his lives and then some stalking the Doctor throughout the cosmos. That proves some sort of obsession.

2. The Third Doctor clearly states that he and the Master went to school together, so they must have some history. Not necessarily romantic, but in any event, they obviously knew each other beforehand.

3. The Master just can’t ever bring himself to kill the Doctor.

4. All the unnecessary physical contact.

5. The things he says to the Doctor: “I’m going to take your body”…”You are my life”…”I like it when you say my name”…”Won’t you show mercy to your own-“…

6. The rather phallic shape of the Master’s TCE.

7. All the sword fighting.

8. The valeriana the “Portreeve” (really the Master in disguise) gave the Doctor to “help him sleep” in Castrovalva. (Right…sleep…)

9. Cages, handcuffs, ropes…

10. All the instances where the Master has actually saved the Doctor’s life: The Five Doctors, Trial Of A Time Lord, The End Of Time

11. Three and Delgado!Master’s flirtatious banter.

12. Ainley!Master always standing just a little too close.

13. Ten and Simm!Master doing the OTP-forehead-touching thing in The End Of Time.

And those are thirteen reasons why I think the Master loves the Doctor. Hate me if you want to.