Sunday 5: 6/27/14

•“Accidentally In Love” -Counting Crows
•“God Is A DJ” -P!nk
•“1983″ -Neon Trees
•“I’ll Be There For You” – The Rembrandts
•“Halo” -Beyoncé


Sunday 5: 7/6/14

•“You’re So Vain” -Carly Simon
•“Crazy Love” -Jason Manns ft. Jensen Ackles
•“What The Hell” -Avril Lavigne
•“Slow Ride” – Foghat
•“Come Clean” -Hilary Duff

Hey guys, two quick things. First of all, Dean from Supernatural can sing, whaaaaaat? Yeah, apparently, and like an sexy angel too. And second of all, July’s about to get real crazy for me, so I’m taking a hiatus from “TRL”. I will be back next month. Tata!