“The Doctor & Her TARDIS” – A New Webseries!

If you follow me on Twitter (@CatieTheAwesome), then you already know that I am playing the Master in a Doctor Who fan series online! It’s written by and stars my dear friend Sophia Tallon as the Doctor, and I think it’s going to be great. I’ve already read some sides for my character, and it looks to be quite promising. It’s got some old characters you love (*gestures to self*) with some all new, original players in the mix. Anyway, I think it’s going to be brilliant.

If you want to support us, you can give to our Kickstarter here (and see a special promo vid starring yours truly!), or our Patreon here, you can follow the project’s official Twitter account (@DrInHerTARDIS), and I may as well mention right here right now that I now have a fan page on Facebook, which you check out here.

More updates to come! Stay tuned! ~TRL


In Defense Of Martha Jones


As a dedicated Whovian, I’ve given certain topics a lot (probably too much) of contemplation. I’ve recently rewatched series 3, and it made me think about why Martha Jones is such a disliked/discounted/underrated companion.

My mission statement: Martha Jones is a great companion, at least in my opinion. Martha was the only RTD era companion to defeat the Big Bad without supernatural alterations to her physiology, like Rose’s absorbing the power of the Time Vortex or Donna becoming imbued with Time Lord-y-ness (?). She’s also the first (and only, if you don’t count Mickey) companion of color on Doctor Who ever. She’s quick witted, brave, kind, and everything you could want from a companion.

So why is Martha Jones one of Doctor Who‘s least popular companions?

It depends a lot on point of view, but, if you ask me, the solution lies in two words: Rose Tyler.

Rose was most people’s first companion, and much like the way one never forgets their first Doctor, you never forget your first companion. Not too mention, much of the way we view the companion depends on how the Doctor himself views them. As we all know, the Doctor worshipped the ground Rose walked on. He loved her. Yes, I do believe he was in love with her. So, most of us couldn’t help but fall in love with Rose as well. And her exit from the show (the first one, I mean) was heartwrenching to say the least. I’m a diehard Doctor/Master shipper, but if you don’t get at least a little glassy eyed watching “Doomsday”, you must be made of stone.

Then came Martha. *Jan Brady voice* Martha, Martha, Martha!

I always say, it’s hard to be the first replacement. I imagine it must’ve been a challenge for Patrick Troughton to take over from William Hartnell back in the day. Bill Murray definitely struggled when replacing Chevy Chase in the cast of SNL in the ’70s. Rose had been around for two seasons, and was beloved by much of the fandom. So Freema Agyeman had a large gap to fill (despite Billie Piper’s actual physical diminutiveness). The fact that Russell T. Davies wrote her as having a crush on the Doctor didn’t help. Most people felt loyal to the idea of the Doctor and Rose together romantically, and didn’t like the idea of someone coming between that.

And then there was the Doctor himself. The way he dismissed Martha’s usefulness as his partner affected the way the viewer saw her. The Doctor would bring Rose up at every turn, as if Martha just wasn’t enough. Even the Master himself makes a remark about the Doctor’s other companions (i.e., Rose) being of a higher caliber, being able to take on the power of the Time Vortex. I mean, really??? As if Martha didn’t have enough opinions against her being good enough! Was that remark absolutely necessary?!

As a matter of fact…it was.

That’s what so important about Martha’s character arc, in my opinion. The fact that there was this stigma to her character, of being second best, and her disproving that. (One could even say it’s symbolic of society’s oppression of black people, but I don’t feel I’m qualified to discuss civil rights.) The Doctor, eventually, begins to see Martha’s worth. I think he officially realizes he’s treated her badly at the end of “The Family Of Blood”, after witnessing how she fares on her own, in an unfriendly, racist setting, and having to take care of him to boot. But too little, too late. Because all they have after that is “Blink” and then the Master trilogy. But even then, Martha overcomes the obstacles set in her path like a pro, beating the Master at his own game. When she’s departing the TARDIS, she flips the Master’s words on their head. “I spent a lot of thinking I was second best. But you know what? I am good.” Not even “as good as Rose”. Just “good”. She doesn’t need to prove that she’s up to par with her predecessor (a white woman). Martha is great, all on her own. This is a character who has grown in her time with the Doctor, and that is the mark of a high caliber companion.

Will Martha Jones ever be recognized as the great character she is? Probably not. But I ask you, go back and watch series 3. Try to forget all you know and love about Rose Tyler for a second. Really watch Martha. You’ll see a lot more in her than you originally did, I bet.

To Martha Jones, the Woman Who Walked The Earth. A star. ~TRL

Actors Who Have Been On Both Merlin And Doctor Who

Colin Morgan (Merlin/Jethro, “Midnight”)

Eve Myles (singing witch, “The Dragon’s Call”/Gwyneth, “The Unquiet Dead”; also Gwen Cooper on Torchwood)

Richard Wilson (Gaius/Dr. Constantine, “The Empty Child”)

Angel Coulby (Guinevere/Catherine, “The Girl In The Fireplace”)

Michelle Ryan (Nimueh/Lady Christina de Souza, “Planet Of The Dead”)

Anthony Head (Uther Pendragon/Mr. Finch, “School Reunion”)

Tom Hopper (Sir Percival/Jeff, “The Eleventh Hour”)

Georgia Moffat-Tennant (Lady Vivian, “Sweet Dreams”/Jenny, “The Doctor’s Daughter”)

John Hurt (The Great Dragon (voice)/The War Doctor)

Warwick Davis (Grettir, Keeper Of The Bridge; “The Eye Of The Keeper”/Porridge, “Nightmare In Silver”)

Pauline Collins (Alice, “Love In The Time Of Dragons”/Queen Victoria, “Tooth And Claw”; Samantha Briggs, The Faceless Ones, 1967)

I think that’s everyone, but if I missed someone, let me know. Thanks. ~TRL

The End of an Era

It was inevitable. Sooner or later, I had to talk about Doctor Who. And of course, now that this shocking development has occurred, I have to bring it up:

Steven Moffat has officially announced that he is retiring from Doctor Who.

Okay, that’s not that shocking. After all, the man has been on board since 2010. After 2017’s season (yes, we have to wait until a whole freaking year for both Doctor Who and Sherlock, Goddammit, Britain, get yer shit together), that will have been eight odd years in charge of this…phenomenon.

Some are rejoicing, I’m sure, because many people prefer Russell T. Davies Who to the Moffat era, which I’m not even going to discuss that whole dispute right now, because my mind is just absolutely blown. However, I am a big fan of Steven Moffat’s style, and this revelation makes me…apprehensive.

Of course, things will change with the new showrunner/head writer, Chris Chibnall, who has written episodes of Doctor Who before. Chibnall has written some great additions, like “42” from series 3, “The Power of Three”, or Pond Life, the web short series, which you can watch here. He’s also written episodes of DW spinoff Torchwood, and co-wrote and created the series Broadchurch, another show starring David Tennant.

Then there are episodes like…”Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”. And “The Hungry Earth”, which is…enjoyable, but average. Maybe it’s because I’m a purist snob who hates the fact that the Silurians were changed from actual monsters, from the Classic, to just sexy looking green-skinned people. I don’t know. And why does this man have such a fetish for dinosaurs, anyway? (On the bright side, it stands a good chance that Chibnall would be willing to bring back the Rani, since they both love dinos.)

And how will this affect the character of the Doctor? Will Peter Capaldi’s Doctor stay the same? Will Capaldi even stay, or will he leave with Moffat? (God, I hope not.) Who would play the Doctor after Capaldi left? Will the Master have as many frequent appearances as she’s had these past two seasons, or will they do away with her for awhile? And will the relationship between the two of them change again? (Please no. My ship finally got canonized-how many fangirls can say that?) Who will be the new companion-whoever fills in for Jenna Coleman in season 10, or someone completely new? Will the demographics of the show be affected? I just don’t know.

Obviously, the BBC thinks Chibnall has the chops to man the helm the good ship Doctor Who into the balmy waters of modern television. So, I will remain optimistic. I guess we’ll see. Good news is, we still have a whole other season of glorious Moffat Who to get through. Steven, the fandom salutes you. ~TRL

“Deep Breath” Review

Happy Whuesday! (It’s been awhile, I know.) So by now, “Into The Dalek” has aired, so it’s alright to talk about the episode that came before that, “Deep Breath”. ***Spoilers, sweetie!***

“Deep Breath”, 8×1, is the first episode of a whole new era of Doctor Who. It shows a more complex, dark Doctor. It hints at a lot of changes to the show. But mostly, it basically indicates another epic series of our favorite fifty-one-year-old, British sci-fi TV show. This is gonna be great.

First, let’s talk Peter Capaldi. HE IS FREAKING AWESOME. I knew I was gonna like him, I haven’t found a Doctor I didn’t like yet, but I’m also a little scared of him. You know? Like with Matt Smith, you felt safe. Not this Doctor. Twelve is a lot less cuddly, and a lot more cold. In fact, he strikes me as a Seven-ish Doctor. Everyone swears that he’s a Three or Four, but I don’t see it. I mean, Twelve’s older and dresses like Three, but Three was an arrogant prick who was secretly a sweetheart (who was secretly an arrogant prick). Four was definitely more alien and cutoff, so they’re alike in that respect, but there was also something fun and comical about Four that Capaldi doesn’t seem to portray. This is an all business Doctor. But he is definitely manipulative like Seven, and dark too. What I’m trying to say is, this is a new Doctor entirely. And I’m rather looking forward to it!

(Plus his eyebrows and flirting with dinosaurs, yo.)

I think the role of Clara is going to change dramatically, and before I go into that, I would just like to say that this episode moved Clara up to my number two spot for favorite companion (Sorry, nobody beats Donna. Nobody.). Before, Clara was just sort of the Doctor’s date, someone he could show off for and amaze her with the marvels of the universe. Now I think Clara’s going to have to take a lot more control (put that control freak-ism to use) and be more independent than before. I heard Jenna Coleman hasn’t signed on for series nine (although Capaldi has), which means I was right in thinking that she was going to take the Billie Piper route: stay for one more series with the new Doctor, then leave the show. I hate being right.

Alright, now let’s talk about mysteries. First: jumped or pushed? Meaning, did the half-face man jump from the ship, or did the Doctor push him? Personally, I think he pushed him. As the Doctor said, he’s made a lot of mistakes, and it’s time he did something about it. Maybe he considers one of those “mistakes” showing his enemies so much mercy and refusing to resort to violence.

Secondly, the face. The Doctor swears he’s seen his face before. That’s because Peter Capaldi played Caecilius in the series four episode, “The Fires Of Pompeii”. (Capaldi was also John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children Of Earth, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant.) RTD and Steven Moffat say that they have an explanation for that. I think it might have something to do with the Curator’s line from “The Day Of The Doctor”: “You might find yourself revisiting a few [faces the Doctor’s seen before]…but just the old favorites, eh?” (I have a personal theory that Caecilius was secretly Twelve and that they’ll refilm that episode from his POV, which means the dream team of Tennant and Tate will return. Plus, “DB” is chock full of references from “The Girl In The Fireplace”, another Ten story. But I’m a dreamer, and it’s probably not going to happen. Sigh…) I just hope the explanation isn’t something stupid, but Moffat very rarely disappoints, so I’ll probably be satisfied.

And there are many more, but the biggest of all, is…WHO THE F**K IS MISSY?! Is it River? The Rani? THE MASTER?!?!?!?!?!?! (I wish it was the latter. I really do. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.) There are many theories, so I reserve judgment, because I don’t want to be wrong and/or disappointed.

Well, that’s about it from me. Looking forward to discussing a whole new series with you guys. Peace!

DW Characters I Have A Crush On

Oddly enough, not the Doctor. The actors, oh yes, but not the character (Although I am definitely, totally, absolutely in platonic love with Fivey. Oh my blonde and beige, braveheart bb, never change.) The Master, on the other hand…

Jamie McCrimmon. Hawt Scottish accent, plus he pulls off a skirt better than I do!

Jo Grant. She is the most adorable little thing evar!

Sarah Jane Smith. One of the first badass females to work with the Doctor. ILY 5EVER, LIZ SLADEN!

Peri Brown. One word: boobs.


The Ponds. Amy or/and Rory.