Last updated 10/9/17.

Hello there. My (professional) name is Catherine Watson, Catie for short. I also go by “the Red Lady”.

I’m 21 years old, and I’m a film student at Sam Houston State University (the United States). I graduated high school in June of 2015. I hope to one day write and direct television shows and film.

I’m high functioning autistic and I’m bisexual (but I prefer women). I’m a raging feminist (which means I stand for equal rights for everyone, POCs, queer people, transgender people, etc). I’m also a Christian, an absurdist, and a proud nerd. I faithfully follow the CW’s Supernatural. I also love Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, and superheroes. As you can see, cinema (seeing as it’s where I hope to make my career someday) is a big part of my life. I also enjoy music and theatre. I love Shakespeare; my favorite play by him is Much Ado About Nothing. My top three favorite musicals are Wicked, Hamilton, and Newsies. I have a lot of same sex OTPs – Spirk, Hannigram, Destiel, et cetera. My fictional crush of all time is Clara Oswald from Doctor Who.

I’m 5’4, ginger (not naturally), blue eyed, overweight, but still fairly pretty, I think. My favorite color, you might have been able to figure out from my nickname, is red. I’m a cat person. Since I’m from Texas, my favorite drink is Dr Pepper. I am a coffee junkie, but also enjoy a cup of tea every now and then. My favorite music is…well, it depends on my mood. I like 80s rock (Journey and Huey Lewis are among my favorite artists) and modern contemporary. However, I listen to a lot of showtunes and instrumental piano music too. I guess my favorite artist is Train. My birthday is November 17. ~TRL


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