New Ghostbusters Sucks???

Hey, guys, happy June! It’s almost summer, and that means it’s almost time for the summer blockbuster of 2016, Ghostbusters! (The remake.)

I’ve been excited about this movie since the first trailer came out. In fact, I’ve been excited about this movie since I was born. But apparently, not everyone shares my zeal for the franchise reboot.

This is the Dark Age of the Remake, where Hollywood is tapped out of fresh ideas and is instead recycling concepts from the vast well of culture from our childhood (how dare you suggest a Labyrinth reboot on the coattails of David Bowie’s death! No one can ever play the Goblin King except Ziggy, damn it!). So it was inevitable that a new GB was going to be made. And who better to lead the endeavor than some of today’s comedy royalty? So you have a remake of a well beloved movie that been asked for since the ’90s, and starring some of the biggest names in entertainment. Formula for a box office hit, right?

And yet, the trailer is one of the worst rated videos on YouTube in history. Why all the hate, Internet? This is what you nerds wanted, right? I mean, what’s different about this movie than the 1984 version?…oh. Yeah. Girls.

Oh, don’t gimme that look! Ask yourself, honestly, would anyone be getting their hackles up if four boys were the stars of this movie? The fake nerd boys are just pissed that “their” franchise has been “stolen” by women, calling it a “studio cash grab” and a “gimmick” and saying that the makers are just profiting from “Tumblr SJW girls”.

No one complained when Robocop, Terminator, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Spiderman got shitty and/or pointless remakes or sequels. But when the long-awaited Force Awakens came out with Rey as the hero, the neckbeards were all shouting “Mary Sue” and whining because none of the new protagonists were white males. When Steve Rogers (Captain America) was rumored to be in a relationship with Bucky Barnes or possibly turn over his shield to Sam Wilson, the nerd boys were up in arms, yelping about “tradition” and “changing characters”, but when the hideously anti-Semitic “Hydra Cap” story line was introduced, not a word was said. Guys lobbied tirelessly for a Deadpool movie, but then whined when Ryan Reynolds stated that his portrayal of Deadpool would be pansexual-Deadpool is canonically pan in the comics. And when I brought up the baseless, sexist critism of the new Ghostbusters in the comment section on YouTube, I was called a c**t and a bitch because of my opinions. And if that doesn’t prove systemic prejudice exists in nerd culture, I don’t know what does.

Ladies and gentleman who are not woman-hating pigs, I urge you to go see this movie. If not to support the movie, than just for the pure enjoyment of it. It’s freaking Ghostbusters, for the love of God! It’s going to be great! Okay. Rant over. ~TRL