Last post of May!

So, it’s time for a little rant. So, I drove up to Waco, Texas, today to run an errand, and I thought, since rent is due tomorrow, I’d run down to my apartment complex to pay it.

Now, I usually pay it online, but today I went into the front office to pay it. But apparently…they don’t take credit cards there. I’m like, it’s the 21st century and y’all don’t take f**king credit cards?

So the receptionist tells me I can only my card online. So I have to go back outside (in the pouring rain) to get my laptop out of the car, then I go upstairs to my flat to log on onto my Wi-Fi to pay on the website.

Except that the elevator’s broke down.

So I slog up 4 flights of stairs (several times, long story), and I get into my apartment, I get on the website…

Rent’s not posted yet.


You have one job: take my money. Get it together, apartment complex.


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