Actors Who Have Been On Both Merlin And Doctor Who

Colin Morgan (Merlin/Jethro, “Midnight”)

Eve Myles (singing witch, “The Dragon’s Call”/Gwyneth, “The Unquiet Dead”; also Gwen Cooper on Torchwood)

Richard Wilson (Gaius/Dr. Constantine, “The Empty Child”)

Angel Coulby (Guinevere/Catherine, “The Girl In The Fireplace”)

Michelle Ryan (Nimueh/Lady Christina de Souza, “Planet Of The Dead”)

Anthony Head (Uther Pendragon/Mr. Finch, “School Reunion”)

Tom Hopper (Sir Percival/Jeff, “The Eleventh Hour”)

Georgia Moffat-Tennant (Lady Vivian, “Sweet Dreams”/Jenny, “The Doctor’s Daughter”)

John Hurt (The Great Dragon (voice)/The War Doctor)

Warwick Davis (Grettir, Keeper Of The Bridge; “The Eye Of The Keeper”/Porridge, “Nightmare In Silver”)

Pauline Collins (Alice, “Love In The Time Of Dragons”/Queen Victoria, “Tooth And Claw”; Samantha Briggs, The Faceless Ones, 1967)

I think that’s everyone, but if I missed someone, let me know. Thanks. ~TRL


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