The Supernatural Drinking Game

It’s very simple. Take a shot for:

  • someone getting murdered in the pre-title card scene
  • blood splats
  • the value of family being mentioned
  • homoerotic subtext
  • flashback scenes with inconsistent actors playing young Sam or Dean
  • Dean getting splashed in the face with water
  • angels beings dicks
  • Destiel
  • daddy issues
  • Sam or Dean dying
  • Dean’s single man tear
  • Crowley calling Dean a pet name
  • a major or supporting female character dying
  • Castiel not getting a pop culture reference
  • cheap motels with weird room dividers
  • pie
  • beer
  • burgers
  • Dean saying “dude”
  • Sam saying “so get this”
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand “Carryon Wayward Son”

Try not to get alcohol poisoning. Good luck.

Deanie Wienie.png


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