The End of an Era

It was inevitable. Sooner or later, I had to talk about Doctor Who. And of course, now that this shocking development has occurred, I have to bring it up:

Steven Moffat has officially announced that he is retiring from Doctor Who.

Okay, that’s not that shocking. After all, the man has been on board since 2010. After 2017’s season (yes, we have to wait until a whole freaking year for both Doctor Who and Sherlock, Goddammit, Britain, get yer shit together), that will have been eight odd years in charge of this…phenomenon.

Some are rejoicing, I’m sure, because many people prefer Russell T. Davies Who to the Moffat era, which I’m not even going to discuss that whole dispute right now, because my mind is just absolutely blown. However, I am a big fan of Steven Moffat’s style, and this revelation makes me…apprehensive.

Of course, things will change with the new showrunner/head writer, Chris Chibnall, who has written episodes of Doctor Who before. Chibnall has written some great additions, like “42” from series 3, “The Power of Three”, or Pond Life, the web short series, which you can watch here. He’s also written episodes of DW spinoff Torchwood, and co-wrote and created the series Broadchurch, another show starring David Tennant.

Then there are episodes like…”Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”. And “The Hungry Earth”, which is…enjoyable, but average. Maybe it’s because I’m a purist snob who hates the fact that the Silurians were changed from actual monsters, from the Classic, to just sexy looking green-skinned people. I don’t know. And why does this man have such a fetish for dinosaurs, anyway? (On the bright side, it stands a good chance that Chibnall would be willing to bring back the Rani, since they both love dinos.)

And how will this affect the character of the Doctor? Will Peter Capaldi’s Doctor stay the same? Will Capaldi even stay, or will he leave with Moffat? (God, I hope not.) Who would play the Doctor after Capaldi left? Will the Master have as many frequent appearances as she’s had these past two seasons, or will they do away with her for awhile? And will the relationship between the two of them change again? (Please no. My ship finally got canonized-how many fangirls can say that?) Who will be the new companion-whoever fills in for Jenna Coleman in season 10, or someone completely new? Will the demographics of the show be affected? I just don’t know.

Obviously, the BBC thinks Chibnall has the chops to man the helm the good ship Doctor Who into the balmy waters of modern television. So, I will remain optimistic. I guess we’ll see. Good news is, we still have a whole other season of glorious Moffat Who to get through. Steven, the fandom salutes you. ~TRL


One thought on “The End of an Era

  1. I’m optimistic. Love Capaldi and quite like Moffat. To be honest aside from Tom Baker there’s never been a Doc I have disliked. But do feel 3 series is about right before they start to out last their appeal. Looking forward to series 10 🙂

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