Doctor Who: Regen Episodes/Serials

First stories:

  • An Unearthly Child-first serial ever, first appearance of the First Doctor
  • The Power Of The Daleks-first serial starring the Second Doctor
  • Spearhead From Space-Third Doctor
  • Robot-Fourth Doctor
  • Castrovalva-Fifth Doctor
  • The Twin Dilemma-Sixth Doctor
  • Time And The Rani-Seventh Doctor
  • TV movie-regeneration of Seven, advent of Eighth Doctor
  • The Name Of The Doctor-the first appearance of the War Doctor
    The Day Of The Doctor-the War Doctor’s only real episode, sort of
  • Rose-first episode starring Ninth Doctor
  • The Christmas Invasion-Tenth Doctor
  • The Eleventh Hour-Eleventh Doctor

Regeneration/last stories:

  • The Tenth Planet-regeneration of First Doctor
  • The War Games-execution of Second Doctor, regen never shown onscreen
  • Planet Of The Spiders-Third Doctor
  • Logopolis-Fourth Doctor
  • The Caves Of Androzani-Fifth Doctor
  • Trial Of A Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe-Sixy’s last bow
  • Time And The Rani-the Sixth Doctor regenerates at the very beginning of the episode, and Seven takes it from there.
  • Survival-arguably Seven’s last story
  • TV movie-Seven regenerates, say hello to Eight.
  • The Night Of The Doctor-(webisode, promo from The Day Of The Doctor) regen of the Eighth Doctor
  • The Day Of The Doctor-regen ofWar Doctor
  • Parting of The Ways-Ninth Doctor
  • The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End-half regeneration by Tenth Doctor
  • The End Of Time-Ten (for real this time)
  • The Time Of The Doctor-Eleventh Doctor

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