DW Review: “Dragonfire”

Hello, nerdy ones! If you weren’t aware, there were eight other Doctors before Christopher Eccleston. We call this era “Classic Who”. Try to keep up, my dears.

Happy Whuesday, sports fans! It’s time for another Classic Who review. This week we’ll be talking about the Seventh Doctor serial, Dragonfire.

Dragonfire is the fourth and last story in season 24 of Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy’s first season as the Doctor. It marked the departure of companion Mel Bush and advent of new companion Ace. It also saw the return of Sabalom Glitz from Six’s era.

Dragonfire has a great plot. The main villain of the story, Kane, is really creepy and unlike most DWho bad guys, is actually scary. And of course, we get to see Ace for the first time! From setting off Nitro-9 to defying Kane, to just dumping ice cream over rude people’s heads, she is the absolute best! We haven’t seen a female companion this rough-and-tumble since Leela from Four’s era.

As always, Seven has a great ending line:

“There are three rules! One: I’m in charge. Two: I’m not ‘the Professor’, I’m the Doctor! And the third…well, I’ll think up the third by the time we get back to Perivale.”

Can I just say right now that the Seventh Doctor is the bomb? I mean, he’s not some tall, handsome, Adonis-type fella like some Doctors (cough, cough, Fivey, cough), but he doesn’t have to be. This Doctor is clever, and he’s sneaky. He’s the Doctor you want for your favorite uncle. Which is why the way they killed him off in the TV movie was bullsh*t! Ugh, don’t even get me started on all that. But anyway, I think Seven was awesome. Go, Sylvester McCoy!

Well, that’s all I gotta say. See you next Whuesday! 😀


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