DW Review: “Spearhead From Space”

Hello, nerdy ones! If you weren’t aware, there were eight other Doctors before Christopher Eccleston. We call this era “Classic Who”. Try to keep up, my dears.

Ah, the Third Doctor. A personal favorite of mine. Happy Whuesday, my loves. Today, we’ll be discussing Jon Pertwee’s first serial as the Doctor, Spearhead From Space.

Now, this serial is important  for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it was the Third Doctor’s first story, the first appearance of Liz Shaw as a companion, the return of the Brigadier and UNIT (not mention, introducing them as main fixtures on the show), the beginning of the Doctor’s exile, the first story featuring the Nestene Autons, and it was the first story broadcast in technicolor. Yeah. That’s pretty cool, right? You don’t care. Okay.

Like most “Doctor’s first adventure” stories, the Doctor is suffering from regeneration sickness (understandable, considering the Time Lords had just executed him and banished him and his new face to Earth with a broken TARDIS) and pretty much useless until the middle of the next to last episode. But boy, does he try hard to escape that hospital! That’s why I really like Three: he’s so action-y. He doesn’t like sitting still or being patient, which is why it must suck for him, being stuck on Earth.

So during the course of the serial, the Doctor falls flat on his face, gets shot, sasses Brig, takes a shower (dat ass), dresses in iconic, flamboyant velvet suits (complete with red silk lined cape), STEALS A FREAKING HOT ROD, engages in what could arguably be called tentacle porn (Don’t ask. Just don’t.), and is just basically the ’70s Doctor we know and love. Spearhead is definitely not the pinnacle of classic Who, but it’s so damn campy, you just gotta LOL.

Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another Whuesday post!


Coming Clean

I’ve come to a realization about myself: I am bisexual.

I use to say I was straight, but I honest to God don’t believe I am anymore. I mean, I still like guys, but girls, man! But seriously, 50% of the people I’ve kissed are female or female aligned (and I enjoyed it immensely), and I find my mind opening to the prospect of being with a girl more and more each day. And like I said, I’m not a full out lesbian, but, well…there are definite perks to both sexes.

The reason I don’t like the term “bisexual” is because it just has such a negative connotation. Most people think of bisexuals as sluts, and Hollywood’s portrayal of them hasn’t been all that positive. Maureen from Rent, or even Jack Harkness from Torchwood, are not good examples of bisexuals. Bisexual just means you’re attracted to more than one gender. Just because I find multiple genders attractive, doesn’t mean I take monogamy any less seriously.

I’m not posing, I’m not following a trend, and I’m not saying because I think it sounds cool. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this for awhile, and I have come to the conclusion that I am bisexual. And I don’t take that lightly. I know who I am, and I’m not ashamed of it. ~TRL

How NOT To Time Travel

Now, I’ve seen a lot of movies and TV shows about time travel (I don’t know if you know this or not, but I kind of like Doctor Who), and I think I’ve pretty much gotten the basics of successful, non-harmful time travel down pat. There are just three basic rules you have to adhere to, but if you do, time travel can be an excellent past time.

Rule #1: Don’t kill Hitler.
You weren’t the first person to think of this; you won’t be the last. The first thing everyone thinks when time traveling is, “I’m gonna kill Hitler!” Or altering history in some other, very influencial way. Just…don’t do it. It’s not smart.

I know what you’re saying: “But Hitler was terrible! He caused the Holocaust and World War II! How could it be a bad idea to off him before he kills all those innocent people?” Yes, I know, and I fully appreciate your good intentions. Doesn’t mean you’re on any less of a road to Hell.

Okay, let’s take Hitler for example. Say you kill him before he rises to power. Now you’ve prevented the slaughter of over six million Jews, and the lives of countless soldiers in World War II. Which is good, right? Except now, a whole lot more people exist in the world. And so do their children. And their children. And their children. The world population just got a whole lot bigger, you see? You might have caused future overpopulation, or more prominent world hunger. Plus you never know who could have been among those ranks-it could even be the Hitler of this generation, or someone worse than Hitler! You just don’t know.

Bottom line is…don’t save MLK, don’t try to stop 9-11, and don’t kill Hitler. Because I hate to bring divine intervention into this but…sometimes things just happen because that’s the way they were meant to happen.

Rule #2: Don’t have an affair.
Or if you do, you jolly well better not get married and/or have children. With someone from the past or future, I mean. Wanna start a family? Do it with someone from your own time period. Because you never know. That handsome romantic Roman gladiator could be your great-great-great…great grandfather. Or that scantily clad half robot girl might be one of your descendants. Then DNA kicks in and all your children have one eye and stumps for legs…we’re talking temporal incest, people. Stay away from that sh*t.

Which brings me to rule three, which I cannot stress enough…

Rule #3: Don’t meddle with your own timeline.
This is the biggie. The one people always screw up on. Let me say this once and for all: do not go back and alter your own timeline.

You’re probably arguing that there can absolutely consequences to changing your own personal history. Au contraire, mon frere! There are HUGE repercussions. Believe me, I know, I’ve often entertained the idea of going back an hour and having a conversation with myself, but it can’t happen!

Let me give you an example. Say you fail a math test. So you go back and give yourself the answers so that you score a 100%. Okay, well now, the version of you that failed the test doesn’t exist. So now, you can’t go back and give yourself the answers, because you don’t exist. So since you didn’t give yourself the answers, you failed the test. So you go back and give yourself the answers. But now, you don’t exist, so you can’t. So you fail the test…it’s an endless circle! It’s called a paradox, and that sh*t will rip apart the universe. (And don’t think you can cheat and indirectly interfere; meddling is meddling!)

So, to review: don’t change major historical events, don’t have children with someone outside your time period, and DON’T alter your own timeline. If you just follow those three simple rules, time travel can be a pleasurable experience. Okay, that’s my rant for the day. ~TRL

DW Review: “Dragonfire”

Hello, nerdy ones! If you weren’t aware, there were eight other Doctors before Christopher Eccleston. We call this era “Classic Who”. Try to keep up, my dears.

Happy Whuesday, sports fans! It’s time for another Classic Who review. This week we’ll be talking about the Seventh Doctor serial, Dragonfire.

Dragonfire is the fourth and last story in season 24 of Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy’s first season as the Doctor. It marked the departure of companion Mel Bush and advent of new companion Ace. It also saw the return of Sabalom Glitz from Six’s era.

Dragonfire has a great plot. The main villain of the story, Kane, is really creepy and unlike most DWho bad guys, is actually scary. And of course, we get to see Ace for the first time! From setting off Nitro-9 to defying Kane, to just dumping ice cream over rude people’s heads, she is the absolute best! We haven’t seen a female companion this rough-and-tumble since Leela from Four’s era.

As always, Seven has a great ending line:

“There are three rules! One: I’m in charge. Two: I’m not ‘the Professor’, I’m the Doctor! And the third…well, I’ll think up the third by the time we get back to Perivale.”

Can I just say right now that the Seventh Doctor is the bomb? I mean, he’s not some tall, handsome, Adonis-type fella like some Doctors (cough, cough, Fivey, cough), but he doesn’t have to be. This Doctor is clever, and he’s sneaky. He’s the Doctor you want for your favorite uncle. Which is why the way they killed him off in the TV movie was bullsh*t! Ugh, don’t even get me started on all that. But anyway, I think Seven was awesome. Go, Sylvester McCoy!

Well, that’s all I gotta say. See you next Whuesday! 😀