Writing Doctor/Master

Goddamn you, FanFiction.net, for existing. Thanks to you, I can’t ever get any school work or laundry done because I’m always writing D/M fan fics!

Well I recently reached a big milestone in my major story, “You Are Not Alone”. I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s just kind of a rewrite of seasons 1-3, with a fob watched Master taking the place of Rose Tyler. I just finished season one, Nine’s era. Twenty chapters!

When I began supporting Doctor/Master, I started screening the Master episodes from the Classic era, to study the history of the couple, and sure enough, the romantic chemistry is present there too! So naturally, there are plenty of combinations of the Doctor and the Master, not just Ten and Simm!Master.

Theta/Koschei (teenagers, schoolmates, the Prydonian Academy era, etc.): While I utilize this couple in “YANA”, I don’t often find myself writing independent stories about them. To me, the Doctor and the Master’s initial relationship was simple. There was no conflict, until Theta left Gallifrey and Koschei went crazy.

Three/Delgado: I love the cute flirtation between these two. You know, when Three’s not acting like he has a stick up his ass. I feel like it’s thanks to Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado’s real life friendship that it made it seem like even though they were supposedly enemies, the Doctor and the Master were once great friends…perhaps even more? Plus, the swordfighting from The Sea Devils and the handsy scene in The Mind Of Evil didn’t hurt either.

Four/Crispy: Four, being emotionally immature as he was, naturally wasn’t going to swoon over the Master, especially this shriveled husk version. However, I fangirl squeal at the Master’s line from The Deadly Assassin: “I’m going to take your body.”

Four/Ainley: It’s really a shame that these two only had one serial together. Since Logopolis immediately followed The Keeper Of Traken, it leaves little to the imagination about a relationship between them. Tom Baker and Anthony Ainley were, like Pertwee and Delgado, friends in real life, and have the same issue with invading each other’s space. My favorite moment of them is when they’re struggling on the radio tower and the camera is at such an angle that for a moment, they looking like they’re kissing! It’s too bad that five minutes later, the Doctor falls off of said tower and regenerates. Damnit, Master! This is not the way to get the Doctor in bed with you!

Five/Ainley: Oh, these two. Man, there is so much tension between these two, I just can’t get over it! Needless to say, Five and Ainley are my favorite combo of the Doctor and the Master. Especially since Peter Davison is my favorite Classic Doctor and Anthony Ainley is my favorite Master. So much tension! Favorite Master quote from this era: “A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.” (The Five Doctors) AWWWWWWW!

Six/Ainley: Since Six is so mouthy and rude, it’s hard to imagine him in any kind of relationship. However, I still managed to come up with a moment: the Master saving the Doctor from the Valeyard. *smiles*

Seven/Ainley: Same with this couple. Seven and the Master only had one episode together (Survival), and the Master really wasn’t his best state of mind. Still, there is the line that Seven makes: “They do say opposites attract.” He admits it.

Seven/Goosnake: Whuthufuq, ew!!! What the duck is wrong with you, you sicko?!

Eight/Roberts: Well this one’s just like Four/Crispy. The Master’s kind of deteriorating and is probably in no mood for frick-fracking. He’s desperate for the Doctor’s body in a completely different context. But as always, there’s a great line: the Master says to the Doctor, “You are my life!”

Eight/Jacobi: Even though it’s not technically canon, I’m a sucker for Eight/Jacobi fics. I read this one, a take off of “Night Of The Doctor”…so great.

Shalka/Android: Yo, Paul Cornell knows what’s up! Again, another non-canon combo, but still…it’s awesome.

Ten/Simm: Do I really have to explain these two? From “I like it when you use my name” to “get out of the way”, these two are absolutely, positively, tee-totally in love. 18/10, definitely ship. ♥♥♥♥

Eleven/Cumberbatch: Goddamnit, Moffat! Why couldn’t you have gotten these two together?! Two of the hottest actors in Britain, being “not gay” on screen, just like John Watson is “not gay” in Sherlock. Oh well. I still write it some. I call it “the ship that could have been”.

Well, here’s to more Doctor/Master interaction in the future!


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