TOTD Notes Pt. 3

Here we are, part three. As always, spoilers ahead.

  1. “I will never send you away again.” Remember the first rule, Clara! The Doctor lies.
  2. So Clara can cook a turkey, but not a soufflé?
  3. “If you’re not leaving, why did you bring it back?” “It’s a reminder.” A reminder? What kind of bullsh*t answer is that?!
  4. Typical stepmother is typically unhelpful at helping Clara deal with the loss of the Doctor.
  5. Why would Tasha take Clara back to the Doctor? I mean, I know why, but…why?
  6. And hello, William Hartnell.
  7. “Barnable?” Dude, it’s been like three hundred years. Barnable’s dead.
  8. A dramatic poem to remind you that the Doctor is about to die.
  9. I’m watching this scene with Clara and old Eleven, and I’m just thinking, “This is the guy you wanted to f**k…this must be weird.”
  10. The Time Lords are swayed by a Little League pep talk from a human.
  11. If “the Doctor” is name enough, then shouldn’t just saying “Doctor” bring back the Time Lords?
  12. Matt Smith is finally the Doctor he’s been portraying all this time: an old one.
  13. How did none of the Daleks notice the humongous freaking crack in the sky, or the little puff of regeneration energy they sent down to the Doctor like an angel fart?
  14. Oh, now they notice, after the Doctor practically has to spell it out for them.
  15. Daleks shoot like tie fighters from Star Wars.
  16. And in true Moffat style, the huge action scene ends with an epic line from the Doctor, a bright light, something exploding, and a whooshing noise fading to black.
  17. Great job protecting Christmas, Doctor. Your regeneration destroyed half the town.
  18. Why didn’t Clara check the TARDIS first? Where else would the Doctor be?
  19. There is no logical reason that the Doctor would go back to being young. Don’t give me that “reset period” bullsh*t. There is no reasoning behind this. None.
  20. Obligatory last meal of fish fingers and custard.
  21. Clara just laughing instead of absorbing what’s about to happen. But no, she’s not the new Rose Tyler-you know what? F**k that. Rose at least had the excuse of not knowing what regeneration is. Clara is just being thick.
  22. “But times change, and so must I.” I swear, that’s a line from a song.
  23. Okay. I get that Caitlin Blackwood grew up in the last six years and doesn’t look like little Amelia Pond anymore. But they could have at least gotten an actress with red hair!
  24. Oh, so Karen Gillan gets to come back, but not Arthur Darvill. Even though Karen’s the one who originally wanted to leave the show. Rory always gets the short end of the stick. He waited longer for Amy than she did for the Doctor, you know!
  25. “I will not forget one line of this. Not one day, I swear.” Apparently you did, since you forgot how to fly the TARDIS.
  26. More bad wigs for more bald actors.
  27. What is it with the Doctor always seeing invisible past companions in his TARDIS?
  28. And everyone’s soul fell with the bowtie.
  29. “Please don’t change.” Oh, okay then.
  30. Okay, I get that he used up most of his regeneration energy blasting the Daleks, but seriously. Quickest. Transition. EVER.
  31. And the Doctor’s an old man again. Sorry, Clara.
  32. This is an interesting point, by the way. See, the first few Doctors of his first cycle were oldish men (with the exception of Five), then toward the end, the Doctor tended to be young. And now that we’re back to the beginning, the Doctor is an older man again.
  33. Why does the TARDIS always have to crash after the Doctor regenerates?

Well, there we have it. One hundred notes about “Time Of The Doctor”. If you read them all, well…you have even less of a social life than I do. Toodle-loo.


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