TOTD Notes Pt. 2

Here we go with Part Two. As always, spoilers ahead. Geronimo!

  1. “Hell. All hell if the Time Lords come back.” “End Of Time”, anyone?
  2. Ah, the classic “dupe the companion into going home in the TARDIS so they’ll be safe” trick. And look, Clara even wound up in the Powell Estates. I’m not saying Clara is the new Rose Tyler, but…
  3. “This planet, what’s it called?” “Trenzalore.” WHAAAT? I had no idea.
  4. “If [the Time Lords] return, they will come in peace.” This means that we’re not dealing with the evil Time Lords from “End Of Time”. The events of “Day Of The Doctor” changed the fate of Gallifrey, so I guess now Rassilon is…a teddy bear?
  5. By the way, I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that Clara’s cardigan has bowties all over it…right?
  6. “Speak your name and this world will burn.” Moffat’s real big on stealing RTD lines, isn’t he?
  7. “Christmas has a new sheriff!” (“A Town Called Mercy”)
  8. “Silence will fall.” *Sigh…*
  9. Sontarans are literally as stupid as they look.
  10. Okay, how is a wooden Cyberman even possible?
  11. If the sonic screwdriver still doesn’t work on wood, how did the Doctor defeat the Cyberman? The world will never know…
  12. The Doctor is teaching the children the Drunk Giraffe dance from “The Big Bang”.
  13. “Cool is not cool!” And there is a phrase to perfectly sum up the hipster Eleventh Doctor.
  14. And Clara, through a superhuman feat, managed to bring herself and the TARDIS back to the Doctor. But no, I’m not saying she’s the new Rose Tyler…
  15. Did the Doctor just poke Clara in the back with his walking stick? What a dick.
  16. “You didn’t even say goodbye!” Well, yeah, the Doctor hates goodbyes. Haven’t you been paying attention?
  17. That turkey would be done by now if it weren’t such an important literary device.
  18. If you know when to look, you can spot where some kid doodled a Racnoss.
  19. The light on Trenzalore only lasts for a few minutes? I know we’re on a different planet, but just how the f**k does that work, physically speaking?
  20. I guess being partially human, a Cyberman can die eventually.
  21. “‘Andles, just ‘ang on in there, mate.” Since when is Matt Smith Cockney?
  22. Aforementioned Cyberman feels.
  23. “Number ten once regenerated and kept the same face; I had vanity issues at the time.” You sure did. 😉
  24. I feel like Steven Moffat invented the War Doctor just so he could make it seem like Matt Smith was going to be the final Doctor.
  25. Barnable is a little ginger kid who’s going to wait for the Doctor. Barnable is the new Amelia Pond.
  26. What did Tasha give the Doctor? I think it’s candy, but I can’t be sure.
  27. Oh sh*t, the Daleks are behind everything. Aren’t the Daleks always behind everything though? Oh, and “Asylum Of The Daleks” throwback.
  28. Dalek Silence?! Is that even possible?!
  29. “Why did you even come to Trenzalore?” Bitch, you sent him there! I mean, I know you’re secretly a Dalek, but don’t you remember?
  30. The events of Seasons 5 and 6 are finally explained. Damn, Moffat, you are on fire.
  31. “They engineered a psychopath to kill you.” “Totally married her.” Yeah, what is it with you and your fetish for people who want to kill you? Okay, I’ll shut up now.
  32. The Doctor gets bitch slapped by a Dalek lady.
  33. “Fly away, Doctor.” It’s what he’s best at.

Gonna have to end it here, guys. Come back tomorrow for the last part. Adios.


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