Everyone’s Least Favorite Doctor

Happy Whuesday! So, I’ve watched a couple of the Sixth Doctor’s serials, and except for the outfit (Jesus Christ, that coat though), I don’t get why people hate on him so much. I mean, yeah, he’s kind of an asshole (especially compared to his sweet, polite predecessor), but hell, Nine was sassy and rude sometimes, and he still rocked as the Doctor!

Okay, I’ll be honest, I only watched some Six episodes for research for my fan fiction…so basically, all I watched were the two Master serials, The Mark Of The Rani, and Trial Of A Time Lord. But from what I saw, Six honestly wasn’t a terrible Doctor. I mean, I wouldn’t want to travel with his Doctor per se, but I wouldn’t necessarily dislike having to watch his episodes. I don’t see why Colin Baker was fired…

*checks Wiki*

“Too violent”?! Bitch, are you kidding me?! How can you call the Sixth Doctor violent? Well, okay, yeah, there was that time he almost choked Peri to death. But it’s not like the Doctor’s never been violent! Three was a ducking ninja James Bond mother ducker; Four was just insane; and Five, sweet, gentle, innocent little Fivey, just let the Master die in Planet Of Fire, and almost killed Davros in Resurrection Of The Daleks (before he pussied out)! Since when has Doctor Who not had some element of violence? Dafuq?!

Stupid freaking BBC…Oh, well. We have to give kudos to Colin Baker for being a good sport and not holding it against them personally. I mean, he always seems willing to come back for special occasions like the 50th anniversary. Unlike some actors who think they’re too good for all that…

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. Come back in seven days for next week’s Whuesday. See ya later!

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