No, no, not…I don’t mean boats. I meant like…shippings. Like, short for “relationships”. Whatever, anyway…

Okay, so obviously, my favorite, favorite One True Pairing of all time is the Doctor and the Master from Doctor Who (I’m seriously obsessed with them. They’re sooooooooooo cute!), but I’ve already talked about them, so I’ll spare you the fangirling. Going along with the Whoniverse, my favorite canon ship for the Doctor is River Song, and then I guess Rose Tyler as a distant second. Of course, the canon pairing to rule them all is Amy and Rory. From Torchwood, I love love love Jack and Ianto, and I’m still sad about it! 😥

On Sherlock…well, I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t ship Sherlock with anyone. I believe he’s an asexual entity. BUT, if I had to support a pairing from that show, I suppose it would either be John and Sherlock, or Molly and Sherlock. I don’t seriously ship Johnlock like some people, but it makes me laugh. And while I don’t ship them, I’m convinced that Moriarty was smitten with Sherlock. (What is it with me and enemyslash?)

I haven’t watched much Supernatural, but I know that some people ship the Winchester brothers, and that’s just disgusting in my opinion. I mean, come on, Wincest? Gross. On Once Upon A Time, I really, really, really ship Regina and Robin Hood and I can’t wait for them to get together! And as for Emma, well…I’m kind of indifferent toward the whole Emma-Neal-Hook love triangle, but I was so sad when Neal-!

…er. Spoilers.

Other ships include Black Widow and Hawkeye from Avengers, and Louis and Janine from Ghostbusters (but Egon and Janine from the cartoon, if that makes any sense)…overall, my ships are mostly canon, except for Doctor/Master, of course! 🙂  But if I think of or develop anymore OTPs, I’ll let you know.

Reminder, my weekly “Whuesday” post is coming out tomorrow. If you don’t what Whuesday is, it’s the day of the week when I don’t constrict my fangirling for Doctor Who. It’s Who-Tuesday. Whuesday. Get it? 🙂

Well, hope to see you all tomorrow! Toodles!


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