Writing Doctor/Master

Goddamn you, FanFiction.net, for existing. Thanks to you, I can’t ever get any school work or laundry done because I’m always writing D/M fan fics!

Well I recently reached a big milestone in my major story, “You Are Not Alone”. I’ll be perfectly honest, it’s just kind of a rewrite of seasons 1-3, with a fob watched Master taking the place of Rose Tyler. I just finished season one, Nine’s era. Twenty chapters!

When I began supporting Doctor/Master, I started screening the Master episodes from the Classic era, to study the history of the couple, and sure enough, the romantic chemistry is present there too! So naturally, there are plenty of combinations of the Doctor and the Master, not just Ten and Simm!Master.

Theta/Koschei (teenagers, schoolmates, the Prydonian Academy era, etc.): While I utilize this couple in “YANA”, I don’t often find myself writing independent stories about them. To me, the Doctor and the Master’s initial relationship was simple. There was no conflict, until Theta left Gallifrey and Koschei went crazy.

Three/Delgado: I love the cute flirtation between these two. You know, when Three’s not acting like he has a stick up his ass. I feel like it’s thanks to Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado’s real life friendship that it made it seem like even though they were supposedly enemies, the Doctor and the Master were once great friends…perhaps even more? Plus, the swordfighting from The Sea Devils and the handsy scene in The Mind Of Evil didn’t hurt either.

Four/Crispy: Four, being emotionally immature as he was, naturally wasn’t going to swoon over the Master, especially this shriveled husk version. However, I fangirl squeal at the Master’s line from The Deadly Assassin: “I’m going to take your body.”

Four/Ainley: It’s really a shame that these two only had one serial together. Since Logopolis immediately followed The Keeper Of Traken, it leaves little to the imagination about a relationship between them. Tom Baker and Anthony Ainley were, like Pertwee and Delgado, friends in real life, and have the same issue with invading each other’s space. My favorite moment of them is when they’re struggling on the radio tower and the camera is at such an angle that for a moment, they looking like they’re kissing! It’s too bad that five minutes later, the Doctor falls off of said tower and regenerates. Damnit, Master! This is not the way to get the Doctor in bed with you!

Five/Ainley: Oh, these two. Man, there is so much tension between these two, I just can’t get over it! Needless to say, Five and Ainley are my favorite combo of the Doctor and the Master. Especially since Peter Davison is my favorite Classic Doctor and Anthony Ainley is my favorite Master. So much tension! Favorite Master quote from this era: “A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.” (The Five Doctors) AWWWWWWW!

Six/Ainley: Since Six is so mouthy and rude, it’s hard to imagine him in any kind of relationship. However, I still managed to come up with a moment: the Master saving the Doctor from the Valeyard. *smiles*

Seven/Ainley: Same with this couple. Seven and the Master only had one episode together (Survival), and the Master really wasn’t his best state of mind. Still, there is the line that Seven makes: “They do say opposites attract.” He admits it.

Seven/Goosnake: Whuthufuq, ew!!! What the duck is wrong with you, you sicko?!

Eight/Roberts: Well this one’s just like Four/Crispy. The Master’s kind of deteriorating and is probably in no mood for frick-fracking. He’s desperate for the Doctor’s body in a completely different context. But as always, there’s a great line: the Master says to the Doctor, “You are my life!”

Eight/Jacobi: Even though it’s not technically canon, I’m a sucker for Eight/Jacobi fics. I read this one, a take off of “Night Of The Doctor”…so great.

Shalka/Android: Yo, Paul Cornell knows what’s up! Again, another non-canon combo, but still…it’s awesome.

Ten/Simm: Do I really have to explain these two? From “I like it when you use my name” to “get out of the way”, these two are absolutely, positively, tee-totally in love. 18/10, definitely ship. ♥♥♥♥

Eleven/Cumberbatch: Goddamnit, Moffat! Why couldn’t you have gotten these two together?! Two of the hottest actors in Britain, being “not gay” on screen, just like John Watson is “not gay” in Sherlock. Oh well. I still write it some. I call it “the ship that could have been”.

Well, here’s to more Doctor/Master interaction in the future!


TOTD Notes Pt. 3

Here we are, part three. As always, spoilers ahead.

  1. “I will never send you away again.” Remember the first rule, Clara! The Doctor lies.
  2. So Clara can cook a turkey, but not a soufflé?
  3. “If you’re not leaving, why did you bring it back?” “It’s a reminder.” A reminder? What kind of bullsh*t answer is that?!
  4. Typical stepmother is typically unhelpful at helping Clara deal with the loss of the Doctor.
  5. Why would Tasha take Clara back to the Doctor? I mean, I know why, but…why?
  6. And hello, William Hartnell.
  7. “Barnable?” Dude, it’s been like three hundred years. Barnable’s dead.
  8. A dramatic poem to remind you that the Doctor is about to die.
  9. I’m watching this scene with Clara and old Eleven, and I’m just thinking, “This is the guy you wanted to f**k…this must be weird.”
  10. The Time Lords are swayed by a Little League pep talk from a human.
  11. If “the Doctor” is name enough, then shouldn’t just saying “Doctor” bring back the Time Lords?
  12. Matt Smith is finally the Doctor he’s been portraying all this time: an old one.
  13. How did none of the Daleks notice the humongous freaking crack in the sky, or the little puff of regeneration energy they sent down to the Doctor like an angel fart?
  14. Oh, now they notice, after the Doctor practically has to spell it out for them.
  15. Daleks shoot like tie fighters from Star Wars.
  16. And in true Moffat style, the huge action scene ends with an epic line from the Doctor, a bright light, something exploding, and a whooshing noise fading to black.
  17. Great job protecting Christmas, Doctor. Your regeneration destroyed half the town.
  18. Why didn’t Clara check the TARDIS first? Where else would the Doctor be?
  19. There is no logical reason that the Doctor would go back to being young. Don’t give me that “reset period” bullsh*t. There is no reasoning behind this. None.
  20. Obligatory last meal of fish fingers and custard.
  21. Clara just laughing instead of absorbing what’s about to happen. But no, she’s not the new Rose Tyler-you know what? F**k that. Rose at least had the excuse of not knowing what regeneration is. Clara is just being thick.
  22. “But times change, and so must I.” I swear, that’s a line from a song.
  23. Okay. I get that Caitlin Blackwood grew up in the last six years and doesn’t look like little Amelia Pond anymore. But they could have at least gotten an actress with red hair!
  24. Oh, so Karen Gillan gets to come back, but not Arthur Darvill. Even though Karen’s the one who originally wanted to leave the show. Rory always gets the short end of the stick. He waited longer for Amy than she did for the Doctor, you know!
  25. “I will not forget one line of this. Not one day, I swear.” Apparently you did, since you forgot how to fly the TARDIS.
  26. More bad wigs for more bald actors.
  27. What is it with the Doctor always seeing invisible past companions in his TARDIS?
  28. And everyone’s soul fell with the bowtie.
  29. “Please don’t change.” Oh, okay then.
  30. Okay, I get that he used up most of his regeneration energy blasting the Daleks, but seriously. Quickest. Transition. EVER.
  31. And the Doctor’s an old man again. Sorry, Clara.
  32. This is an interesting point, by the way. See, the first few Doctors of his first cycle were oldish men (with the exception of Five), then toward the end, the Doctor tended to be young. And now that we’re back to the beginning, the Doctor is an older man again.
  33. Why does the TARDIS always have to crash after the Doctor regenerates?

Well, there we have it. One hundred notes about “Time Of The Doctor”. If you read them all, well…you have even less of a social life than I do. Toodle-loo.

TOTD Notes Pt. 2

Here we go with Part Two. As always, spoilers ahead. Geronimo!

  1. “Hell. All hell if the Time Lords come back.” “End Of Time”, anyone?
  2. Ah, the classic “dupe the companion into going home in the TARDIS so they’ll be safe” trick. And look, Clara even wound up in the Powell Estates. I’m not saying Clara is the new Rose Tyler, but…
  3. “This planet, what’s it called?” “Trenzalore.” WHAAAT? I had no idea.
  4. “If [the Time Lords] return, they will come in peace.” This means that we’re not dealing with the evil Time Lords from “End Of Time”. The events of “Day Of The Doctor” changed the fate of Gallifrey, so I guess now Rassilon is…a teddy bear?
  5. By the way, I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that Clara’s cardigan has bowties all over it…right?
  6. “Speak your name and this world will burn.” Moffat’s real big on stealing RTD lines, isn’t he?
  7. “Christmas has a new sheriff!” (“A Town Called Mercy”)
  8. “Silence will fall.” *Sigh…*
  9. Sontarans are literally as stupid as they look.
  10. Okay, how is a wooden Cyberman even possible?
  11. If the sonic screwdriver still doesn’t work on wood, how did the Doctor defeat the Cyberman? The world will never know…
  12. The Doctor is teaching the children the Drunk Giraffe dance from “The Big Bang”.
  13. “Cool is not cool!” And there is a phrase to perfectly sum up the hipster Eleventh Doctor.
  14. And Clara, through a superhuman feat, managed to bring herself and the TARDIS back to the Doctor. But no, I’m not saying she’s the new Rose Tyler…
  15. Did the Doctor just poke Clara in the back with his walking stick? What a dick.
  16. “You didn’t even say goodbye!” Well, yeah, the Doctor hates goodbyes. Haven’t you been paying attention?
  17. That turkey would be done by now if it weren’t such an important literary device.
  18. If you know when to look, you can spot where some kid doodled a Racnoss.
  19. The light on Trenzalore only lasts for a few minutes? I know we’re on a different planet, but just how the f**k does that work, physically speaking?
  20. I guess being partially human, a Cyberman can die eventually.
  21. “‘Andles, just ‘ang on in there, mate.” Since when is Matt Smith Cockney?
  22. Aforementioned Cyberman feels.
  23. “Number ten once regenerated and kept the same face; I had vanity issues at the time.” You sure did. 😉
  24. I feel like Steven Moffat invented the War Doctor just so he could make it seem like Matt Smith was going to be the final Doctor.
  25. Barnable is a little ginger kid who’s going to wait for the Doctor. Barnable is the new Amelia Pond.
  26. What did Tasha give the Doctor? I think it’s candy, but I can’t be sure.
  27. Oh sh*t, the Daleks are behind everything. Aren’t the Daleks always behind everything though? Oh, and “Asylum Of The Daleks” throwback.
  28. Dalek Silence?! Is that even possible?!
  29. “Why did you even come to Trenzalore?” Bitch, you sent him there! I mean, I know you’re secretly a Dalek, but don’t you remember?
  30. The events of Seasons 5 and 6 are finally explained. Damn, Moffat, you are on fire.
  31. “They engineered a psychopath to kill you.” “Totally married her.” Yeah, what is it with you and your fetish for people who want to kill you? Okay, I’ll shut up now.
  32. The Doctor gets bitch slapped by a Dalek lady.
  33. “Fly away, Doctor.” It’s what he’s best at.

Gonna have to end it here, guys. Come back tomorrow for the last part. Adios.

TOTD Notes Pt. 1

Happy Whuesday! Okay, so I finally watched “Time Of The Doctor” (Holy feels, Batman!) and I decided to write about it. Spoilers ahead.

(By the way, there were so many notes, it’s probably going to take several posts to finish this out. I’m writing this as of April 12th, so by the time you read it, it won’t be quite so up-to-date.)

Just a few IRL issues first: one, today I auditioned for a play put on by my local theatre troupe. And two, my wonderful uncle bought me a new sonic screwdriver after my first one was stolen. Shout out to Eric! 🙂 Okay, let’s get into this.

  1. After watching this episode, you realize it’s just a huge amalgamation (I love that word) of Matt Smith’s three seasons as the Doctor.
  2. The Doctor can’t translate the message. It’s supposedly in ancient Gallifreyan, which means the Doctor’s really out of practice with speaking his own language. That’s really sad if you think about it. It’s been so long since he’s had interaction with anyone from his home world.
  3. “Remind me to patch the telephone back through the console unit.” Then, as he is dying, Handles makes good on his promise. The first and only time a Cyberman will give you feels.
  4. It’s worthy to note here that Eleven is the only Doctor to actually use the police box’s built-in phone. The Doctor never even had a phone until Martha Jones gave her cell to Ten. As Nine said, the phone is a dummy. This is probably because before, the calls the phone received were “patched through” to the console unit.
  5. Handles says “affirmative”, reminiscent of old K-9.
  6. The Doctor’s a bit rusty at “being a boyfriend” and has to “glance at a manual”. This means that the Doctor probably hasn’t been with anyone since River Song. (The faithful husband. 🙂 )
  7. “I [invented a boyfriend] once, and there’s no easy way to get rid of an android.” This is actually an interesting statement, and one I consider a victory for my argument. A lot of people thought this line referred to Kamelion from the Fifth Doctor’s era, but I don’t think so. For one thing, the Doctor didn’t invent Kamelion, he adopted him from the Master, who in turn, stole him from the planet Xeripheus. And another thing, Kamelion wasn’t exactly an android; he was more like a semi-robotic organism. My personal opinion is…well. Okay, in the TV movie, the Master fell into the Eye of Harmony, and it was implied that his consciousness inhabited the TARDIS until he was revived by the Time Lords for the Time War. However, a non-canon cartoon series called “Scream Of The Shalka”, starring an alternate Ninth Doctor, was produced in 2003. Now, in this series, the Doctor had somehow siphoned the Master’s consciousness from his TARDIS and put it inside an android body…you see where I’m going with this? I think this line was an offhand reference to the android Master from “Shalka”. (Doctor/Master for the win!)
    *Of course, it’s perfectly possible that the Doctor meant “boy friend“, but I don’t think so. While the Doctor’s only been with women onscreen, it’s not so hard to imagine that a member of an alien race where gender is subjective would be sexually flexible. Especially since there have been instances in the past (Flirting with Jack and Shakespeare, kissing Rory, offering to kiss Frank in “Daleks In Manhattan”…etc.). But, it’s just a theory.
  8. Clara lives in the Powell Estates…just like Rose Tyler did. (Is it possible that they and Mickey Smith were all friends? Headcanon!)
  9. “You’re naked!” Flashbacks to Donna and Tentoo from “Journey’s End”, anyone? (I really wanted him to say, “Oh, yes!”)
  10. “So you’re still naked underneath [your holographic clothes]?” “Everyone’s naked underneath.” Holy sh*t…my dad used to say the exact same thing! Am I part Time Lord?!
  11. Clara’s gran isn’t even phased by the Doctor’s nakedness at Christmas dinner. Why? Because she’s seen him naked before. Because Clara’s gran…is Amy Pond.
    No, no, hear me out on this! First of all, Amy got sent back in time by the Weeping Angels in “The Angels Take Manhattan” with Rory. They could have moved back to England at some point and had children. Plus, it sounds like Clara’s gran has a touch of a Scottish accent. And then when she’s describing meeting her husband for the first time, she calls him “the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen”. In “The Girl Who Waited”, Amy tells her older self that Rory was the most beautiful person she’d ever met. But what really sold me was the ring. The camera gives a shot of Gran’s wedding ring, and then, in the end, when the Doctor sees Amy for the final time, the camera shows her hand…and she’s wearing the exact same ring.
    If Clara’s gran really was Amy, why didn’t she say anything to the Doctor? Who knows. Maybe she figured she’d mess up the space/time continuum or something.
  12. The sonic screwdriver doesn’t do turkey, in addition to not doing wood.
  13. Also, the turkey “being done” will be important symbolism for this episode.
  14. “…and please, just learn how to use iPlayer.” Apparently, Clara uses the TARDIS as her own personal MP3 player. And she wonders why the TARDIS doesn’t like her.
  15. And the planet du jour is…Gallifrey. Thanks for giving away the entire plot of the episode, Handles. Plus, that planet is clearly not Gallifrey. Gallifrey is orange. (I know it’s Trenzalore, but they don’t know that.)
  16. The Doctor and Clara go to church naked. (I swear, this is a show for kids.)
  17. Oh, look, another space bitch the Doctor has f**ked.
  18. “This is my…associate, Clara Oswald.” “Associate”? Not even “friend”? Well, someone’s sleeping on the couch tonight.
  19. “I have confidential matters to discuss with the Doctor. Would you excuse us?” Well if that isn’t the bitchiest line of the century, I don’t know what is. Seriously, Tasha Lem belongs on a sci-fi version of Mean Girls.
  20. Oh sh*t, it’s the Silence…wait, what was I talking about?
  21. She’s pretty risqué for a space nun.
  22. The Doctor drinks wine and immediately spits it back into the glass. (“The Impossible Astronaut”)
  23. The Doctor and Clara are teleported (still naked) to a snowy planet.
  24. Oh, and now the Doctor and Clara are hugging for warmth…naked.
  25. Oh sh*t, it’s the Weeping Angels.
  26. Forget the Weeping Angels, the Doctor’s bald!
  27. Eyebrows joke.
  28. “Your ears are like rocket fins.” Honey, you should have seen Nine’s satellite dishes.
  29. Clara has a crush on the Doctor. What a surprise.
  30. “Doesn’t [not being able to lie] make things a bit difficult?” “No.” “Yes.” Well, only if you have something to hide…sir?
  31. Oh sh*t, it’s the cracks in the universe. (Okay, I’m not surprised by these twist returns anymore, Moffat. Bring back the Slitheen or the Master or some villain not from Eleven’s era, then I’ll be impressed.) But seriously, we all knew the cracks storyline wasn’t over for good. Took them long enough, though.
  32. Surprise! The Time Lords are trying to come back through the cracks! Except we already knew that. Thanks for the spoilers, Handles…you son of a bitch.
  33. “Seal of the High Council of Gallifrey, nicked it off the Master in the Death Zone.” Oh, a Five Doctors reference. I guess I’m supposed to jizz my pants now. (I actually did a little bit, I admit it. I get a little hipster over Classic Who. “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”)
  34. Oh, the message is also the oldest question in the universe. And I bet Darth Vadar was Luke’s dad. And Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Seriously, it’s a great twist, but it was so obvious. (By the way, no, the person saying “Doctor who?” isn’t Peter Capaldi. It’s that war general from “Day Of The Doctor”.)

Okay, this seemed like a good place to stop. Come back tomorrow for part two. Toodles!

Everyone’s Least Favorite Doctor

Happy Whuesday! So, I’ve watched a couple of the Sixth Doctor’s serials, and except for the outfit (Jesus Christ, that coat though), I don’t get why people hate on him so much. I mean, yeah, he’s kind of an asshole (especially compared to his sweet, polite predecessor), but hell, Nine was sassy and rude sometimes, and he still rocked as the Doctor!

Okay, I’ll be honest, I only watched some Six episodes for research for my fan fiction…so basically, all I watched were the two Master serials, The Mark Of The Rani, and Trial Of A Time Lord. But from what I saw, Six honestly wasn’t a terrible Doctor. I mean, I wouldn’t want to travel with his Doctor per se, but I wouldn’t necessarily dislike having to watch his episodes. I don’t see why Colin Baker was fired…

*checks Wiki*

“Too violent”?! Bitch, are you kidding me?! How can you call the Sixth Doctor violent? Well, okay, yeah, there was that time he almost choked Peri to death. But it’s not like the Doctor’s never been violent! Three was a ducking ninja James Bond mother ducker; Four was just insane; and Five, sweet, gentle, innocent little Fivey, just let the Master die in Planet Of Fire, and almost killed Davros in Resurrection Of The Daleks (before he pussied out)! Since when has Doctor Who not had some element of violence? Dafuq?!

Stupid freaking BBC…Oh, well. We have to give kudos to Colin Baker for being a good sport and not holding it against them personally. I mean, he always seems willing to come back for special occasions like the 50th anniversary. Unlike some actors who think they’re too good for all that…

Anyway, that’s my rant for today. Come back in seven days for next week’s Whuesday. See ya later!