Franz Ferdinand Is Haunting Me!!!!!!

Okay, seriously, Internet, what the frack? Why do you keep making me run into this band?!

Let me start from the beginning. I was watching a montage on the Internet a few months ago, and it was set to this song called “The Fallen” by some Indie band named Franz Ferdinand. I thought it was good, had a catchy beat, so I downloaded it.

Then, later, I discovered this funny video set to a song called “Do You Wanna”. It was funny, and again, really catchy, so I looked it up, and again, it was by Franz Ferdinand. Okay. Fine. It was a coincidence, right?

But the other day, I was taking a bubble bath (I LOVE my bubble baths), and this very spicy song starting playing on my Pandora radio. It was called “No, You Girls Never Know” and guess who it was by? Franz FREAKING Ferdinand!

What the fraaaaaaaaaack?!

I swear, this is some conspiracy theory. It’s like this band has personally targeted me over the Internet and I’m just fated to like them. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they’re really good (at least the three songs I’ve heard by them), but…what the hell?!?!


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