Ten Truths About Music

1. If a song’s stuck in your head, it’s stuck, and there’s pretty much no way to get it out beside listening to something else. And sometimes, not even then.

2. You can listen the same song over and over and over and over and over and over and not get tired of it, if it’s the right song. Thank God for YouTube loops.

3. Not having your headphones with you is one of the frustrating things in the world.

4. Music can be therapy.

5. It’s alright to have a wide taste in music; you don’t have to adhere yourself to one specific genre. Just because I generally prefer alternative, doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy One Direction or Marshall Tucker.

6. Just because it’s not your personal preference, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it.

7. Music can be medicine. It can excite or stimulate or soothe. But remember, it can also be addictive. (Not that it’s a bad addiction; quite the contrary.)

8. Sometimes, music can hurt. But a good hurt.

9. Getting a song stuck in your head is a psychological phenomenon.

10. Music is a way of life.


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