People On Facebook I Can’t Stand

•People who are unnecessarily ghetto or crude.

•Ppl who type with abbvs like its txting or cant use proper speeling or punctuation

•People who post something specifically directed toward a certain person. (There is Facebook Messenger for a reason.)

•People who share 20 links at a time (MOM).

•People who post inspirational quotes to their wall (MOM).

•People who share those stupid “Like if you love Jesus!” posts (MOM).

•People who post song lyrics. Not just one or two lines. I mean the whole damn song, including backup vocals.

•People who posts 50 selfies a day. Like, okay, we know what you look like! Save that s**t for Instagram.

•People who never EVER get on Facebook, even when you really need to get in touch with them and you don’t have their phone number.

•Your crush and their significant other when they’re in a relationship together and you’re jealous. 😡

•People who are on vacation and you’re stuck at home jealous. 😡

• People who post pictures of being at a concert or party and you’re stuck at home jealous. 😡

•Family members in general.

•Children younger than 14.

•Overly proud parents who post their kids all. The. Time.

Yup, that pretty much sums it all up. So basically…everyone on Facebook.


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