Rolls I’d Love To Play

1. The Doctor, of course! A, I’d get be British, and B, the Doctor is the most wonderful person in the universe. I can be clever and heroic and awesome. Of course, being a villain like the Master would be really cool, too. I mean, a female Master. How awesome is that?!

2. Elphaba, from Wicked. I love the song “Defying Gravity”, and I can really relate to the whole “not fitting in” schtick. Plus, all that green makeup? FUN.

3. Anyone from NBC’s Heroes. All the special effects that must be required for the superpowers. Awesome. Plus, being Nikki would be fun because she has MPD, and that would be really fun to play.

4. Superman. I’d get to fly and be super strong and s**t. Need I say more?

5. John Bender from The Breakfast Club, Regina George from Mean Girls, or another role where I can act like an asshole.


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